Victorian Design Lampshades is your source for hand crafted Victorian wire

lampshade frames, lampshade kits, lamp bases and accessories.


Welcome to our website.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words but you will

not be able to see the meticulous care and attention to detail that goes into each of our beautifully crafted lamps.  Our locally trained staff shares our standards of excellence and they are here to help with any of your design and sewing needs.  If you feel a need to indulge your creative  talents, we also offer classes in lampshade covering.


It is sometimes difficult to find the appropriate shape and color lighting piece that will enhance and maintain the integrity of your furnishings whether antique or modern in design.  Our styles range from the classically simple to the extravagantly ornate.  You may seek a romantic accent of charm and grace or a theme style to enhance that special room.  What fun to create a stunning Chinese style shade or one that depicts an African safari theme.  We are limited only by your imagination!


All of our shades are individually hand sewn with the finest materials including silks, brocades and velvets.  The combination of unusual textures and blended colors evokes a timeless sense of elegance and grace.  These timeless pieces of museum quality lampshades will be handed down through your family as a wonderful heirloom.


We are happy to help you design a shade to suit your existing lamp base and make it for you or send you the kit and materials so you can do it yourself. We do have a how-to instructional video or DVD and an accompanying manual.  We also carry Victorian Tassel Dolls and beautiful cosmetic and lotion bags.


Please enjoy a visit through our website. An order form is available to keep track of your choices. We recommend calling us so we can answer your specific questions or concerns 1-800-424-8855.


Happy Browsing!